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Wrap Up: Wrightsville Open

Before I get into all the fun and exciting action of Wrightsville I want to extend a huge thanks to the crew maintaining the course. All those granite walkways were super handy and I’m sure are pretty labor intensive. One year since the first time I played the course and  the work going in clear. Thanks!!

And while I’m thanking peeps let’s say thanks to our Title Sponsors – Three Penny Taproom and The Mad Taco – and our Supporting Sponsors – Base Camp Outfitters and Brewster Ridge DGC . Also thanks to James aka Rang Deuce for TDing. And a special thanks from the advanced women for not making us play golds:)

OK on to the actual tournament. Since this is only my second tourney of the season (yes I had to dust off my discs from lack of play) I’m not really up on who is leading where in all the rankings. But from what I gathered in Pro Jeff Spring was leading with Dave F. and Mike H. hot on his heels. Coming out of the first round three Pros shot a new course record — 49. Nice work to Dave F., Todd H. and Mike H. That is some serious hot shooting and pretty impressive. But after round two it was Mike H. to take the day with Todd Holmes and Dave F. coming in 2nd and third. What does that do to the standings? That is an excellent question. TD’s should have scores in the next few days and we’ll find out.

All and all it was a great day, and glad to see so many peeps out especially considering registration went up a few days beforehand. I know there were a bunch of prizes donated but atlas I went swimming instead of watch the awards so not sure who to thank there…

I’d also like to welcome Chuckles Chamberlain back to Vermont. I was hoping to win my bet on how many times he’d fall down. He had a couple of close calls but never quite hit the ground. With his first showing back in VT after a two year hiatus in D.C. he came in 2nd in AM2. Not too shabby. And to here’s to many more rounds of discgolf in his future.

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Photo Aug 17, 4 11 15 PM Photo Aug 17, 1 44 47 PM

Here’s the full run down of the divisions and full scores should be up in the next few days:

MPO – Mike H. placing first with a hot 99, Todd H. 2nd with 100 and Dave F. with a 101.

AM 1 – Kyle Junion took first with a 109 and Jim Baily at 110 and Jon M. in a close third  with a 111 (wasn’t he playing Pro last year?)

FW1Dana takes first with a 119 with Jen hot on her heels at 123. Also, huge shout out to Keri Hess for making it! The ladies had a great time and Keri rocked some nice discgolf and one hella crazy putt:)

MM1 – Jim S. took first with a 120 and Gary 2nd with a 127.

PGM – Todd Stermback takes first with a 125 and Skip S and John S. tie for 2nd with a 126.

AM 2 – Ross Dunham with a 111, and three way tie for 2nd with 122 – Chuckles Chamberlain, Stephen B., and Tim Tadlock.

FW2 – Sara D. shot some consistent discgolf with a 62 both rounds. Nice work Sara.

Jrs – Stevie B.  took first with a 146.

I’d like to say I’ll see you at the next one (Burke View) but I won’t be there. But you should. Some of the views are my favorite of any VT DG Course. I’m hoping to make it to Finals but that’ll be  game day decision. The fact that I haven’t played BCO yet this year is just shameful so hopefully I’ll see you there.

Since I won’t be at Burke (and maybe Finals) if anyone wants to take pics or send a write up my way that would be great. If not, no worries but the internets will be silent.

Hope to see you out on the course.

P.S. I took some pictures and they live here.



The Beach is On.

Don’t see an online pre-reg? Don’t fear. Wrightsville is going down. And you should be there.

Why? Because the course looks great, that’s why. With a sweet Monday evening league and good hands around to help, the course is buffed out. And it’s not the same as the last time you played it. Unless you’ve played it super recently. Check out the new HYZERBOMB. So see you this Saturday at the beach, 8:30-9:30 Registration. Get there early. This is going to be a pretty good time.



More Courses and Chances to Play (and win)

And by win I mean one of those win-win situations. Here’s the deal. There’s a fantastic new course going in at the Quarries  in Barre. Ok I actually haven’t seen it but any course that you throw over a quarry is going to be solid in my opinion. But here’s the win-win. The peeps putting it together need some volunteer help. You know the kind that comes from a community that wants more courses and places to play. So whatta say? Want another great VT course? Well, give Al Rosa a shout and pitch in. I’m sure he’ll be forever grateful. Maybe he’ll even put on his favorite “suit”.

In case you’re wondering more details on course – here’s what I know:

  • 18 holes, with options to shorten – 8 dif. configurations that allow folks to circle back to the parking lot from various baskets.
  • Natural tees. Blue and White on each hole
  • Signature hole #5 which plays over a quarry. Distance is approx. 150ft, but the water and granite ledge wreaks havoc on the mind!
  • The Quarries Disc Golf, located within the Town of Barre Forest. Parking lot is 44 Brook St, Websterville, VT 05678
  • Google Map

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Summer ‘O Discgolf

Hi folks your friendly blogger here. Well, I should add “absent” blogger since I’ve been pretty logged out this summer. But, really I can’t feel bad about it, because I’ve been off traveling to all sorts of fun places. So to that end, if anyone has anything exciting to report (and pictures) you should pass them along my way. I’m not really playing the tournaments this year so writing up on an event I’m not at isn’t gonna happen. I’ll be hitting up Wrightsville and perhaps Burke and/or Finals but outside of that I leave it up to any budding writers wanting to add their two cents on how the tourney season is turning out.

Speaking of tournaments – Lincoln Peak Open is just days away. Have you registered? Well, you should. New this year – playing the base course only! Have fun. Looks like the weather gods have finally turned out some sunny (and hot) Vermont days.

And in case you missed it the one and only Sean B. played in Am Worlds not too long ago. You should breeze through his tumblr here:  Apparently it was hot, you know just a balmy 105 with some high winds- think of that as you’re out playing LPO this weekend.


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Anyone played the new course in Manchester? What’d ya think? Love to hear (and have some pics). Thanks to the crew for expanding DG access in VT. Southern Vermont is certainly under represented.

Want some more chances to play? Well, don’t forget about our fun and fabulous leagues and other non-tournament events here:

P.S. The Ladies had a great time playing at Johnson this past weekend. It was sunny and beautiful. Be fair warned trimming isn’t really happening these days so watch those discs. Next ladies round on deck: August 11th at Wrightsville.


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Shocking Excitement at the Gnome’s Challenge!

Another year, another thrilling event at the dynamic White River Disc Golf Course in Randolph, VT. This year’s Gnome’s Challenge was the 6th in the books, and it did not fail to deliver in fun, exciting disc golf battles in numerous divisions, and overall quality. But, before we get into the details, we must thank Peter Flaherty, the Gnome Master and Course Keeper for his work to keep this course up and running, especially after the destruction it saw after Irene flooded the White River last year, nearly taking the whole operation out. We must also thank Chris Young, this tournament’s director and a major force in the fundraising and volunteer campaign that restored the course to operable shape. Lastly, to all those who helped in those efforts, thank you. You’re the reason we got to play the Gnome’s Challenge again this season!

On to the action! The weather was astoundingly good throughout the contested rounds, the first event in our last three to feature somewhat pleasant weather during tournament play. We also had a season best for turnout as 76 golfers showed up. Our large-hearted Prez couldn’t turn those last 4 away, so he instead made an extra hole and we all played on a new 19-hole, Par 57 layout. With all the hot scores, you wouldn’t know that there was an extra hole in there! Anywho, here’s a rundown of the division winners: continue reading »