Drama at Wrightsville!

With one GMPS event to go, Storrs Pond set to Debut.

There was a lot riding on the results of the Wrightsville Beach Open last Saturday (8/23). 5 division races were up in the air with only one other event before Finals, and we saw arguably the best play of the year (next to some NC action) as a few golfers laid down some astounding performances including a playoff in AM2. Before getting to the full recap and the impact of the results on the Point series, lets turn towards the 1st Storrs Pond Open.

Storrs Pond Disc Golf course was designed by James B. A designer that the GMDGC knows as well as any, James has already given us both the Pinnacle and Mt. Sunapee courses. It seems that Storrs could rival some of his finest work on those we already know. From the buzz we are hearing in GMDGC central, the course plays long, is improving every day we get closer to the event, and is fully ready to handle 72 golfers on Saturday. Seeing the pictures recently posted by an excellent photographer and GMDGC member, Dan Walsh, one has to get excited. Open lanes, elevation, and well cleared fairways tend to whet the disc golf appetite, and it seems like Storrs has all this and more.

However, James would be the first to tell you that he only designed the darn thing. There has been a strong crew of local GMDGC members leading the charge, notably Spencer Weatherholt, Jeremy Mattsson, and Dan Walsh himself, among many others I’m sure. Make sure to pay attention during the ‘thank yous’ to find out who else pitched in. Being the weekend after Labor Day, this event is already filling up. Make sure to register before day-of to help your TD!


Wrightsville Wrap

A big thank you to our TD, Dave Frothy!

A big thank you to our TD, Dave Frothy!

Ah, yes, but what was all this about drama at Wrightsville you ask! Well here is a quick and dirty recap from our Director of Wrightsville Operations, Collin:

“Wow, what a fun day. Thanks so much to all of you who played and made it such a fun event. Great job by Dave (Frothy), Anne Lewis and the others who helped with organization, player totals, course maintenance, and Dana for the food service. Thanks to their great work everything went smoother than I imagined possible. I’m already looking forward to playing with all of you again next year, hopefully sooner. Lastly, amazing rounds played by Mike Habbets and Dave Frothingham, 47 from Gold, that’s super good and the Gold course record!”

Our gracious host, Collin, who shot an amazing 46 from the blue tees!

Our gracious host, Collin, who shot an amazing 46 from the blue tees!

Not enough drama, too much gratitude for your liking? I get it. Here’s a little more:

The day started off with the tension of many hopes and dreams riding on a wire, and ended with a mix of the joy of victory and the dutiful acceptance of failure. More than anything, though, players enjoyed the course. You need a full arsenal to really score and we saw two player’s flash greatness with the pair of 47s that Collin mentioned. However, Frothy had fallen out of contention after a tough first round while Mike Habets grabbed the win by the horns, and the GMPS by the throat. After a Round one 49, Habets had a 2 stroke lead on Jspring who was in search of a badly needed ‘W’. Not far behind sat Kyle Junion, Chris Young, and current rival Sean Bleything who were 2, 2, and 3 strokes off of Habets’ pace, respectively. After stumbling out of the gates in round 2, Spring battled back to draw withing 2 strokes in a three way tie with Junion and Bleything for second, but the back Nine saw Spring filter to fourth as Junion and Bleything tried to keep pace with the leader. As the back nine drew to a close, it was a pure drive on 14 that cemented the victory for Habets. He had run through 10, 11, 12, and 13 with birdies to push his lead to three, and after a deuce on 14, it was clear people were playing for second. With that victory, there is not much even Bleything can do to catch him, especially considering Mike’s form of late. After throwing record rounds at BOTH of the last two events, he again is the favorite heading into Storrs, a course he is one of few that have scouted. Don’t let me lull you into too much of a sense of certainty though. A win at finals would put Bleything in the lead, and October 11th is a long way out, so pending a Storrs result, there is still plenty of drama to be had!

Our winner of Pro Masters, the infallible Dan Desch!

Our winner of Pro Masters, the infallible Dan Desch!

Pro Masters had its dose of drama as well. Dan Desch. What can you say about the guy? He’s registered back-to-back wins and would be in a strong position if he was a member (he was last year….). Wrightsville also marked his second come from behind victory! After starting second round 3 behind Ian Thurston and 2 behind Anne Lewis, Dan closed with a strong 55 and a 2-stroke victory. Ian managed to stay in front of Anne to nip her by 1, propelling him back to the top of the GMPS standings as he leapfrogged Chris Sherwin. With Sherwin and Lewis still yet to register for Salt Hill, we might have just seen Ian reach the top to stay. Oh wait, finals is double points!? Yep. He’s in a strong position, but will have to put a stamp on the season if he want the ‘chip’. Looking forward to seeing his performance on Saturday, and thinking that we will see Sherwin there to battle him.

The leader of the MPM division, Ian Thurston (Uncle Thirsty)!

The leader of the MPM division, Ian Thurston (Uncle Thirsty)!

The advanced division lacked a little of it’s normal punch, or should I say Jim Bailey’s bruising presence. Jim decided to step it up to MPO finishing with a very respectable total that would have netted him a 3rd place finish in the Advanced division. That’s right, a man by the name of Bill Bertera took home the ‘W’ with a well-played 104. Yeah but how did Brad Harris and Ira do? (asks those who have been following GMDGC blog predictions). Well, Harris was there for second place, a painful 1 stroke off of Bertera’s pace, 6 strokes clear of a distant third. Harris will have to settle for 90.91 and movement up to third place with a point series total of 431.54. For those of you counting at home, Brad is one GMPS finals victory of substantially jumping Bailey. On top of that, Harris is IN at Storrs Pond with another chance to do damage against Bailey’s title hopes as Jim again challenges the MPO field. Wow. Oh, and Ira had a wedding or something.

Billy Haddock's winning putt for the AM2 vistory, with runner-up Will looking on.

Billy Haddock’s winning putt for the AM2 victory, with runner-up Will looking on.

That brings up to the intermediate division. Not only were both of our leaders, Ryan Metivier and Jeff Wasieleski in the field, but two rounds wasn’t enough! That’s right, there was a playoff…between Billy Haddock and Will Gilbert. Yep! Two locals stole the show and ended up in a two-hole showdown! After a tough start to Hole 6 for Will, Billy was near the basket in two with a putt to win. After sizing it up, he put it right in the hear for victory. Nice work Billy! This was a BIG division, with 26 competitors. John Carter snuck in for a third place finish in front of a 3 way tie for 4th that included Jeff Wasielewski. Ryan Metivier finished only one stroke behind that but with a big tie in front, it was for 7th place points. Looking at the standings, it is going to be a fantastic finish for this division. With both players already registered for Storrs Pond, there are a number of possibilities. Jeff is about 70 points behind Ryan, but has only competed in 5 events to Ryan’s 6. That means he will get full points this weekend. A third place finish or better should put him into the lead. However, that leave Ryan to improve on his scores. He will look to drop the 76.92 from Wrightsville and bump up his point total. No matter what happens this weekend though, this thing is going to the finals!

CTP winnings!

CTP winnings!

Wrightsville also gave us participation from many newcomers to the series and some great races that fell outside of the Point Series impact. In Men’s Pro Grandmasters, we had a healthy field of 5. Daniel Marcus once again won a Vermont event as he ousted Rick WIlliams and some familiar Vermont faces. In the Advanced Women’s division we had an awesome field of three that saw Dana Dwinell-Yardley best Jen Frantz and Keri Hess. The advanced masters division had a great turnout of seven! While our GMPS leader struggled, he is in no danger of losing his firm grip on the point series. However, the course designer Collin excelled to win with a course record 46 from the blues! We had a solid  Advanced Grandmasters field as well and Marcos Miller coasted to victory!

photo 2

Gabby Pozanni accepts her winnings for a FA2 victory.

One of the more surprising turnouts was in the FA2 division! We had an influx of six female competitors. A great turnout and a field that was bested by Gabby Pozanni. I’m pretty sure that, as Gretchen would say, this division had the most fun. In our Rec division, Norman Peterson beat himself up to win over the only competition he faced, himself. And lastly, we had a junior division represented by three fine young men who all played well. Jayce took home the title but Mason, Colin, and Cameron all had goo showings. We here at the GMDGC thoroughly hope to see all the juniors, ladies, and grandmaster players back for more participation in our GMPS! While we normally get good turnouts in other divisions, you presence infused more excitement and life into this event. Nice work!

Our newest member, Oliver, with proud papa Justin!

Our newest member, Oliver, with proud papa Justin!

On to Storrs Pond! Go REGISTER!


Wrightsville FULL, NCO Wrap-Up, Storrs Pond OPEN, & GMPS Update

Hello Vermont disc golf fans! We are headed into another exciting weekend of tournament play with the North Calais Open in the books and the Wrightsville Open FULL! We have had some players on the wait list allowed in already and the new total is 78 players. Post on the forum thread if you are still hoping to get in and Dave Frothingham will let you know if more spots can be opened or if there are any drops.

Wrightsville Beach DGC

Wrightsville Beach DGC

In other news, registration for the 1st Storrs Pond Classic Presented by Salt Hill Pub is up and running. This will be GMPS #10 and the last event before the GMPS Finals & VT State Championship, for which registration has just opened as well! Storrs Pond Disc Golf Course is located in the delightful town of Hanover, NH, just over the Vermont border. The course sits in the Storrs Pond Recreation Area, a beautiful multi-use facility. The event will be NEFA sanctioned, but not PDGA sanctioned. A big thanks goes out to Salt Hill pub for sponsoring the event and adding $500 cash! They will provide food throughout the weekend, including a Friday Night party where there will be a GRIP bag giveaway. Register today!



The uphill shorty at WB

The uphill shorty at WB


Thanks to Paul “Ole” Olander for this review of an exciting NCO!

“Wow, what a day it was! Thanks to all 62 players who came out on a fantastic day for golf! Everyone I talked to was very gracious and all seemed to be having a good time, in spite of the torture that Ole’s big, bad course was inflicting upon them.

It was the perfect day for scoring on this course, too. Temps in the mid-70s, light breezes, mostly sunny with some “breaks of clouds”, grass mowed but not dry. And scores there were. Congratulations to Pro Open winner Mike Habets who played two amazing below-par rounds, starting in the morning with a 2-under 63, and following that up with a new course record of 5-under par 60! That’s -7 for the two rounds! Three strokes better for a second round on golds; that’s focus and conditioning. I don’t think we have enough “generators” for a true course SSA, but there was some talk that Mike’s second round was over a 1030-rating!! Sean Bleything and Jesse Carrieri also threw below-par rounds of 64 in the morning, with Sean taking second, carding an afternoon round of 66, even par for the tourney, while Jesse held onto third with a 69 for +3 on the day. The lead was only 1 with five to play when Sean ran into trouble on #14, then again on #16, #17 and #18. Dave Frothingham and Pete Hess each bested their first round score by a stroke, playing solid golf and rose to fourth and fifth when Edwin, Jordan and Kyle faded in the second round.

As I’ve said before, staying clean is so important at NC – Mike had three bogies in the first (#11, his starting hole, and #12 and #16) but only one in the second (#1, his starting hole in that round). He also eagled the “easier” par 4 #9 in the second round, and picked up a total of nine birdies, including the wicked #2 in both rounds. Amazing shooting Mike!

Anne Lewis put two stokes and the pressure on Dan Desch in the first round for Pro Masters, but Dan responded with smooth play in the second to leapfrog into the win.

In MPG Roy Doar, an ancient NEFA-type, dominated the division (which did suffer in the first round, from golds), and Todd Sternbach came back from the first round troubles to nip Skip Santamaria for the quart. (Skip, I have your pint).

The first fairway at North Calais

The first fairway at North Calais

There were three playoffs in Ams: two in AM1 for 1/2 and for 3, syrup/no syrup; and one in AM2 for 2/3. The AM1s had some hot shooting from the blues in the first round, with Aaron Moore setting the course record for the blues with a 62; John Moorer carded a 63 and division winner Jim Bailey a 65. Jim minimized the bleeding in the afternoon from the golds with a 71, to tie John and ultimately take the win in the playoff, while Aaron had more trouble, allowing Ira Divoll and Matt Talbot to move up. Interesting to see the scores for the two different tees in the MA1 division – two improved on their blue rounds in the gold round (!), while most others “blue-up”.

In AM 2 Marc Anderson shot the only round in the 60s in the first, and held on to win, with Jeff Wasielewski and Evan Karge nipping at his heels. Jeff took the second in an extended playoff.

Am Masters saw Tim Tadlock come back from an absolutely disastrous first round from the golds to take 14 off his score from the blue tees and the half-gallon home, with Robert Diaz holding second by a stroke over first round leader J-P Mills.

In the AM3 division Nathan Benningson schooled his dad, Dave with a 65/67 while dad shot 68/71. Note that Nathan, Dave and Brad Palmer agreed before the second round to move back to the whites from reds.

Jen Frantz showed an excellent 70 in the second round, from whites, after a tough first from blues.

We had a full card of Junior2s and there were some hot scores in the 60’s from the red tees, including Jayce Salsar’s 65 in the second. Abraham Benningson shot rock solid at 66/67, while Jayce’s second round enabled him to nip into second over Mason Palmer who took home the pint. Colin Desch also showed a fine second round with an 8-stroke improvement over his first. Hope to see more of you young lads in the future.

Thank Yous!!:

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who came out. I was concerned about turnout on Tuesday morning with 27 registered but 62 was a healthy number and I appreciate it. And what a fine group it was! Without you all it wouldn’t have been near so much fun. Special thanks to you guys from NH and MA who swelled our numbers. Great to see you here!
Thanks to Ole’s Minions who did such a fine job of shining up NC. Unless you’ve prepped a course for a tourney like this you have no idea of the manhours involved. To Andrew Olander for mowing fairways, greens and clubhouse lawns; to the weedwhacking animals who helped you to be able to find your discs, who whacked through heat and rain and enraged bees-Al Rosa, Aaron Moore, Dan Desch, Dave Carter, Chris Mayone….; tee-raking and drive-improving pruner – Todd Sternbach; OB marking – Al and Doug, Dan, Todd and Dave Lavoie; new granite steps on #13 – Al and Dan and John; chicken tractor removal from TC dooryard the night before – Chris; Spring cleanup, brush hauling, OB logs, etc., etc. on Tuesday nights since the end of April – All these folks and more. Bless you!
Thanks for all the day-of help: registration and bookkeeping- Aaron, score-checking – Al, Todd, Dan, Aaron, Dave; for the masterful car-parking – Dave; for help in canning the syrup prizes until 10:30 the night before – Apprentice Sugarmaker Jordan Potvin and Sugarmaker Dan; for the awesome King Aurthur Strawberries and Cream Scones – Dave

Next year is NCDGA’s 25th Birthday. We’re already planning it. Two-and-a-half days, Pro/Am, 54/54, one round each per day, with a final 9 at noon on Sunday for the top 9 players in Pro Open, consisting of 1, 4, 6,10, 11, 14, 16, 17 and 18. Camping, swimming, fishing, boating, watching great DG being played, maybe NEFA/PDGA, added cash, fireworks, clowns and bouncy castles.”


GMPS 2013

2013 GMPS Champs! Who will it be in 2014???

SO! With all of that action in the books, where does that put us in the point series chases? Read on to find out! Please remember, I will only be updating the races that have their finish in the balance, so I am not forgetting those one person divisions, just getting to the juicy races.

AM2 - Last we checked, Ryan Metivier had a very healthy lead. That lead now seems underfed and malnourished as it shrinks weekly under the pressure of charging Beaver Lanes’ own Jeff Wasielewski. With only 4 tournaments played Wasielewski has a score of 369.18, no score contributing to that is under 80 pts. Ryan on the other hand, has played 5 events and is sitting in 1st with a score of 448.81, a difference of only 79.6 points. To say either of these players are truly in the lead would be folly. They have faced each other head-to-head twice, each coming out on top once. Where would you put your money? This blogger is torn. Ryan has one more meaningful score than Jeff, but Jeff seems to have the momentum. This is going to be a fun race to track this Saturday as both players are registered. With a 26 player field, other players like Ben Cudd may not make scoring well easy for either of them. Get excited!

MM1 - This division is TadLOCKED up. Where will Tim move to next year? Will he seek his 3rd straight division title in a 3rd different division?

AM1 - After a BIG win at North Calais, Jim Bailey has all but put the doubters to bed. After battling down the stretch with Jon Moorer at Calais, the entire Vermont disc golf world was left wondering “what if” and feeling deprived of a Moorer-Bailey battle that seems not-to-be after Moorer’s mid-season move up to pro. There now exists only a few scenarios where Bailey can get caught. Brad Harris, Ira Divoll, and Jon Moorer himself can all catch Bailey with strong finishes to the season. Bailey sits at 556.83, which leaves room for his competition to catch him if any of those players runs off  a 3 tourney string of 1st or second place finishes. If I were to pick one person to do it, it would be Brad Harris. I don’t think Moorer will play all 3 tournaments in the AM1 division and Ira, though he battled, only scratched out a 3rd place at Calais when he needed a 1st or 2nd. With Jim playing Open at Wrightsville and both Divoll and Harris registered in Am1, it will be interesting to see how the scores look come Sunday.

2012 GMPS Champs! Who will it be in 2014???

2012 GMPS Champs! Who will it be in 2014???

MPM - After a battle at Calais, Anne Lewis was left with 50 pts as Dan Desch can back to nip her in the two person division. That didn’t help Anne much on her quest to catch Ian Thurston and Chris Sherwin. With Thurston, Desch, and Lewis all registered for Wrightsville, Sherwin may see his lead slip away after this weekend. Ian needs only 30 pts to take the lead and Lewis needs 60. With Storrs Pond up next, we could see something very close to a three way tie after this weekend, headed into the last event before the GMPS finals!

MPO - Big movement after dramatic results at Calais! Mike Habets has taken the MPO lead and Sean Bleything has jumped into second after first and second place finishes respectively. With Chris Young and Jeff Spring missing the event due to the DG World Championships in Portland, Habets and Bleything have asserted themselves as the leaders heading into the last 3 events of the season. All four are registered for Wrightsville, along with Dave Frothingham who has climbed into 4th overall with a 4th place finish and 80 pts at Calais.

There are a multitude of scenarios that could play out over these three events. Habets, Bleything, and Spring have not played 6 events yet, so we should continue to see their points jump dramatically as they roll in. Young and Frothy will have scores to drop as they beat prior finishes, but that may not have as big an effect on their points totals. The way I see it, Habets and Bleything are essentially tied, with Bleything owning the top 4 scores (2 firsts & 2 seconds) and Habets owning the top 5 scores (2 firsts, 1 second, and 2 thirds).  Bleything will look to drop his 73.33 at the GMPS Finals (or at Storrs Pond if he plays). Spring is in need of wins down the homestretch if he hopes to keep the dimming light of hope alive. Young and Frothy would both need to run the table and get help from Bleything & Habets in order to have a chance. So there you have it. Mike Habets is in the drivers seat as we head into the last events of the season. After 3rd in 2012 and 2nd in 2013, Habets must be feeling as though this is his year, but with Sean Bleything ready to take the lead with any misstep, this should be fun to watch!


Play in the Wrightsville Beach Open, Sat. 8/23

Come on out to play in one of the most fun events of the year, the Wrightsville Beach Open! Located just north of Montpelier on Route 12, Wrightsville Beach is a dreamy location. A multi-use facility, Wrightsville has something for everyone, including 4 tees on every hole allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy play on the course. The course itself is a player’s favorite, with many fun, unique, and challenging holes. Add an amazing beach for swimming on top of it and you have yourself an event that is simply a must make, especially for those competing in out Green Mountain Point Series as this is stop #9!

1175460_571747186206964_978530127_nREGISTER HERE!

And hurry! There are only 22 spots left!

Check back soon for a full GMPS review and the wrap up of the North Calais Open that will set the stage for some hot disc golf action at Wrightsville Beach!

BCO Wrap & Point Series Review Heading into the North Calais Open

Hey there Disc Golf Fans – We’ve got a BCO Wrap up for you today and a glance at the GMPS standings heading into the meat of the second half schedule. But first we’ll take this opportunity to remind you to:


North Calais Disc Golf Course is legendary. The NCDGA would thoroughly appreciate if you pre-register if you are planning on attending the tournament THIS SATURDAY, 8/9. Don’t be shy, just click the link above, post in this thread, or send a message to Paul! If you can let us know that you are attending, we will be forever grateful, even if you are paying day of!

Chris Mayone's signature ponytail balances his stance on Hole#1 at North Calais.

Chris Mayone’s signature ponytail balances his stance on Hole#1 at North Calais.


Thanks to co-TD Tim Tadlock for his review of the day and his work on the tournament!

The 2014 Base Camp Open started off with a bang, make that two. Two blasts from the shotgun and the first round was underway. With an almost full field of 71, and players representing Mass, NY, NH and VT we began the first round. Mild temps made for an enjoyable first round and spirits were high as the day began. The course looked beautiful and the BCO league members were out to spot for us on Hole 1. Shortly after the start of the first round you could hear Micah Herald hooting up on Hole 17 with his first tournament Skip Ace (he took home the money!). As we played on through the first round it was clear that BCO can giveth and BCO can taketh! Even so, by the end of the first round we some solid scores with Andrew Gardner carding a tough to beat 47 in MPO.

As the second round began it started to warm up a bit and the sun came out making it a truly great golfing day and again everyone was excited to get back out there and enjoy the second round. There were some close competitions amongst the divisions and by the end we had a two way tie for first in AM1 were Steve Tousignant bested Brad Harris in two hole playoff and longtime GMDGC Junior, Jayce Slesar was out-thrown in a playoff by his buddy Mason Palmer. In MPO Cooper Arnold, who had been trailing Andrew Gardner by three strokes, held strong and as Andrew slipped away from the lead Cooper’s 99 would beat Andrew’s 100.

The only one close to Anne Lewis, who took the win in MPM, was Chris Sherwin who also made our sweet trophies. Thanks Chris! Danny White took first in MPG (back-to-back GMPS event wins!) as did Troy Dietirch in MM1 besting his field by 10 strokes! Russel Murphy was first in AM2 and Joy Hartwell(FPG), Jen Frantz(FA1) and Carli Bennett(FA2) all took the win in their divisions.

A deserved thanks goes out to all who came to play in the 2014 BCO and especially to the course owners Mike Miller and his wife Diane! Thank you guys for all the work you do so we can enjoy the course! And we can’t forget Dave Frothingham for always directing a solid tournament, Well Done! On to Calais we go…REGISTER FOR THE NORTH CALAIS OPEN HERE!

One of BCO's hanging baskets!

One of BCO’s hanging baskets!

GMPS Second Half Glance

The Green Mountain Point Series has been enjoying a solid year. Great turnouts have us up in overall attendance from last year and there are two great division battles going on. Here’s a quick glance as we roll into the North Calais Open, our 8th stop of the Series. We will only report on divisions with multiple people reporting scores.

AM2 - It looks like a runaway for newcomer Ryan Metivier. Ryan has 5 solid scores of 84 and above, and Ben Cudd, currently in 2nd place, doesn’t have even one score of 84 yet. After a winning debut at Brewster Ridge, Ryan Clements looked like he could challenge Metivier, however, he quickly moved up to AM1 eschewing any chance of a season long division battle. Micah Herald and Brian Betit have been good competitors in AM2 all year long. Look for them to challenge for the title next season against Ben Cudd, but for 2014, Ryan Metivier is looking set up to coast to victory unless we see a clean sweep of 100s in the last four events. EDIT: Our friendly blogger somehow overlooked the recent run of success from Beaver Lanes’ own Jeff Wasielewski! With 3 meaningful scores in 3 events, he very well could find himself in a position to catch Metivier come GMPS finals. He needs to continue his surge of good results, but considering he just picked off Metivier at BCO, it certainly is not out of the question. Wow! Entirely different vibe in AM2 than expected with a late season charge!

Jim Bailey, our current AM1 leader, accepting a trophy earlier in the season.

Jim Bailey, our current AM1 leader, accepting a trophy earlier in the season.

MM1 - Coming off of an AM2 title, Tim Tadlock looks poised to add to his trophy case with an Advanced Masters title. Tim has only been beaten by Brian Bernard, his closest challenger, once in 2014 and that was the opening tournament at Pinnacle. With three 100s and an 80 on the books, Tadlock should have little trouble logging two more solid results to cement his title. Brian does have an outside chance if he can finish with a flourish. He has score of 100 and 75 and if he can win two of the three events before Finals, this division will be up for grabs.

AM1 - Another division that is controlled by the front-runner, any advanced player with dreams of a title has to go through Jim Bailey. Bailey, sporting the highest point total of any division leader, has an impressive 538.31 out of 600 possible points. This may have you asking, “are there any plausible scenarios where Bailey can lose?” The answer is a shaky yes. The person who would most likely catch Jim is Travis Connolly. Travis has 4 scores of 90 and above and with just two more score of the same nature, Travis would take the lead. Why is that unlikely, you may be asking? Well, Travis has announced that he has played his last GMPS event of the year, rendering all the juicy home-stretch battle scenarios mute. So, we look deeper into the field. Who do we see? Well, with 5 scoring opportunities left in the season, competitors really must have at least 2 scores of around 90 or above this season to make a home-stretch run. I see these names as possible contenders: Brad Harris and Ira Divoll. While David Lavoie is currently in 3rd place and does have a 100 this year, he would need to finish 1st or 2nd in all 4 events to have a shot. Not likely considering he has one finish of that nature so far this year. Jon Moorer is another name you may be looking at, but alas, he has seemingly moved up to MPO mid-season after a victory at Blackfalls, helping Jim Bailey to breathe a little easier. So we are left to speculate about Ira and Brad. Both players who, like Jim, are non-Vermonters, have experience in many a tourney. Brad’s prospects have to be the best if you look at consistency of scoring. Brad has two scores above 90, and his other two scores are are right around 80. This tells up that if he chooses to attend all four events, he will have a decent chance of breaking through with a win, and scoring well in all of them. However, seeing as he has already missed three events it seems unlikely that he will actually attend all four of the closing tourneys. We will have to wait and see. That brings us to Ira. Currently sixth in the standings, Ira has a chance to make some magic happen. He’s got an 89 and a 100 under his belt so a 1st or 2nd place in the GMPS Finals (double points) would leave him needing two strong finishes on his way there. The thing that makes his prospects so tantalizing is that he has a head-to-head win against our leader this season, beating Bailey on the lead card at the Center Chains Classic. Since then, however, Ira has endured a disappointing result at BCO. So, there you have the scenarios. Will Ira or Brad make a run, or is the giant lead that Jim Bailey has safe. I’d put my money on Bailey.

Anne Lewis could shake things up in the MPM division.

Anne Lewis could shake things up in the MPM division.

MPM - Finally, a race to write home about. Early predictions had Ian “Uncle Thirsty” Thurston winning this division due to his strong performances through the years in MPO. However, the glass-man, Chris Sherwin, has taken his game to new level this year that has coincided with an increase in participation. With Anne Lewis making some noise at BCO, the last four events could see her climbing back into the race as she is only reporting four scores so far. So, who’s in the drivers seat? With two 100s, it has to be Sherwin. Looking at the scores, both Thirsty and Sherwin are reporting 5 scores with Anne reporting 4. That means they have the ability to drop their lowest scores if they play in two events or more in the home stretch. With the finals being a double points event, that could certainly happen. All three will be looking to drop scores of 50 and below meaning their highest scores to this point in the season matter more than their bad outings, hence why Sherwin is in the driver’s seat. That being said, this race is close enough that it would not surprise us if ANY of these players win the GMPS. This is truly a wait-and-see scenario. Who you got?

Sean is one of the favorites to take down the MPO division.

Sean is one of the favorites to take down the MPO division.

MPO - Another dandy! With four players in the hunt, this could play out in many ways. It also has implications beyond this year alone, as Chris Young tries to pull into a tie with Johnny Betts and Jeff Spring with 2 GMPS titles and Spring looks to make a late charge toward a three-peat of the GMPS. Two of the best players in the region stand in their way and are hungry for their own GMPS titles, Sean Bleything and Mike Habets. These have been the players who have been in the mix the past 3 years and it should be an exciting finish to the season watching this play out.

One thing that is a big factor this year is events played. Bleything, Habets, and Spring are all missing 4 or more events. What that means is they are not reporting 6 scores at the moment, something only Young can boast. In fact, Habets and Bleything may not get the chance to drop many, if any scores. That means every event counts.  Young is the current leader but his lead is partially based on having attended 7 events. To get a clear look, we have to factor in scores of 80 or above, as it seems like any score below that won’t count for the winner. Spring has won the point series the past two years with average scores of 96.83 (2013) and 92.43 (2012) to put that in a little better perspective.

So where do we stand now based on meaningful scoring? With two 100s and a 92, Bleything jumps out as the leader. However, his 73 at Waterbury will be a score he hopes to drop leaving him with 3 that count. With a report that Bleything may miss both Wrightsville and Storrs Pond, Calais is a big event for him to score in.  Habets on the other hand has only one 100, but pairs it with two 85s and a 93. He may hope to drop one or both of the 85s, but currently, it looks like they may factor in. It will depend on what events he is able to play before finals. Spring has 3 scores in the 80s with a 85, 82, and 86. In order to factor into this race, he will need at least two wins on the way in. Slated to miss the next event, that leaves him needing a win and a strong result at Wrightsville and Storrs Pond in order to be a factor in the season finale at his home course of Brewster Ridge. Our current leader, YoungBuks, Has two meaningful scores of 92 and 88. Chis is also slated to miss the NCO putting him in the position of needing wins or very strong results in all three of the final events to have a shot.

All eyes now turn to North Calais as Bleything and Habets are poised for a battle without our other contenders. Dave Frothingham and Kyle Junion, our 5th and 6th place players, have been throwing well all year and could factor into the mix during any tourney left to play, including Calais, which they are registered for. Whatever happens this weekend could help to clarify the playing field as we enter the stretch run. Hold on tight people, there certainly could be some fireworks!

North Calais Opens its Doors on 8/9

The North Calais Disc Golf Course is a myth to many. With limited accessibility, tales of its mossy green fairways taunt those who have yet to be graced by playing through its lush woodland lanes. Some say the course has existed over a hundred years and that upon arrival on the property the current supreme leader of the course, “Ole”, only had to place baskets on viciously challenging and painfully beautiful greens. For many first timers, that story may indeed be believable, so well worn and cared for is this course. Others know that it has been many a Tuesday night covered in the worst black flies you’ve ever seen, sweating through epic sessions of wood-hauling, and trudging through ferocious downpours during hours of pruning that have created the gem that is the North Calais Disc Golf Course.

A view of the 18th fairway from the infamous jack-o-lantern topped basket

A view of the 18th fairway from the infamous jack-o-lantern topped basket

On Saturday, August 9th, the NCDGA opens its doors to the GMDGC and the Green Mountain Point Series for the North Calais Open. We highly recommend you register, and for $20, there ain’t much stopping you. Follow the link below, and check out the thread on the forum for more information.


Some of you may be asking, “wait, where is the BCO recap?” Well don’t even worry. It’s on the way with a GMPS update and analysis. Check in later this week, after you register for the NCO.