2014 GMDGC Membership

The first GMDGC tournament is s short 4 weeks away – have you renewed your membership yet?  Get a head start and sign up today.  It’s very easy, and you can take care of the whole process online.  Membership Director Dave Frothingham will bring you all your swag when you come to your fist tournament.

Annual membership for the GMDGC is $35 for folks 16 and older. For juniors (under 16), the cost is $20 and you get all of the same cool stuff.

  • A GMDGC disc – we have a bunch of new discs for you to chose from this year (and weights for a discgolfer of any level)
  • A handmade Bag Tag that you can wear with pride.
  • A disc mini and an erasable pocket scorecard.
  • A discount on all GMDGC logo discs
  • Voting rights at the GMDGC meetings which will be held to discuss all GMDGC matters from annual election of officers to planning of tournaments to decisions regarding the future plans of the club. As a disc golfer in Vermont this is YOUR sport and YOUR organization.
  • Eligibility in the state wide Green Mountain Points Series (more details on the GMPS page). You can take a look at the current schedule here.
  • Any GMDGC member who wishes to attend one of the PDGA “Major” events can receive a $50 scholarship from the GMDGC in support of this effort. PDGA Majors include the following: USDGC, Women’s USDGC, AM USDGC, Pro Worlds, Am Worlds. There is a limit of one scholarship per member and a limit of a total of 3 scholarships in this year’s budget. If you are interested please let us know.

Please contact Dave (gmdgcmembers@gmail.com) if you have any questions about GMDGC membership

Reminder on the “Last 2″ Rule -  if you are not a GMDGC member at the time of a GMPS tournament and then join, only your last 2 events will count towards your overall Point total for the Series when you join. This gives new players a chance to check out a couple of events and see if they are interested in joining the GMDGC and competing in the GMPS before deciding on membership.  Just remember, you have to sign up before the event for the previous two to count.  If you wait to sign up at lunch or after the event, it will count as one of your previous two tournaments. We want to encourage membership to the GMDGC as much as we can, but we also do not want players waiting to see how they finish at events and becoming a member late in the season because they finished well, or not joining at all because they did not finish in a certain place.


2014 GMPS Schedule Released!

I know, there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground, temps are still well below freezing, and it still gets dark before 6, but disc golf season is upon us!  The 2014 Green Mountain Point Series schedule is set and there are a few changes in store for your disc chucking pleasure.  Noticeable changes this year include:

  • Black Falls will be two weeks later than its traditional Memorial Weekend date.  The question still remains, will it snow during the tournament if it’s held in June?
  • What happened to the Sap Bucket?  Scheduling challenges and course conditions have led to moving the annual tournament held in Waterbury Center back a couple of months to July, well past sugaring season.  New month – new name.  The Center Chains Classic.
  • We have a new comer!  Storrs Pond will be hosting their first GMPS event in 2014.  Check them out on Facebook to learn about this new course in Hanover, NH.

The schedule this year is a well balanced one, with no more than 2 events in any given month, and at least two weeks between tournaments.  Several of this years events will be NEFA sanctioned, and possibly PDGA sanctioned.  Wanna compete with folks outside of the Green Mountain state (and NH)? Head over to the NEFA or PDGA website to learn more and get signed up.   But before you do that, make sure you signup as a GMDGC member!  There are perks to membership, including customized disc golf swag and the opportunity to win cash or prizes at the end of the year.

Without any further ado, your 2014 GMPS schedule:

Pinnacle Spring Run-off
Saturday April 26
TD: James Beaulieu
Pinnacle DGC, Newport NH
NEFA pending, PDGA pending
Mt. Sunapee Open
Saturday May 10
TD: Nick Jennings & Jame Beaulieu
Mount Sunapee DGC, Sunapee NH
NEFA pending, PDGA pending
Brewster Ridge Open II
Saturday May 24
TD: Jeff Spring
Brewster Ridge DGC, Jeffersonville VT
Vibram Open qualifier, PDGA C-Tier
Black Falls VIII
Saturday June 7
TD: Johnny Betts
Black Falls, Montgomery VT
Gnomes Challenge
Sunday June 29
TD: Chris Young
White River DGC, Randolph VT
NEFA pending
Center Chains Classic
Saturday July 12
TD: Jeff Spring
Center Chains DGC, Waterbury VT
NEFA pending, PDGA pending
Base Camp Open
Saturday July 26
TD: Dave Frothingham & Tim Tadlock
Base Camp Outfitters DGC, Killington VT
NEFA pending, PDGA pending
North Calais Open
Saturday August 9
TD: Aaron Moore & Paul Oleander
North Calais DGC, N. Calais VT
Wrightsville Beach Open
Saturday August 23
TD: Collin (& second TD TBA)
Wrightsville DGC, Middlesex VT
NEFA pending, PDGA pending
Storrs Pond Classic
GMPS #10
Saturday September 6
TD: James Beaulieu & Jeremy Mattson
Storrs Pond DGC, Hanover NH
NEFA pending, PDGA C-Tier
VT State Championships
GMPS Finals
Saturday October 11
TD: Chris Young
Brewster Ridge DGC, Jeffersonville VT



GMPS Call For Events – 5 Days Left

Hey there Vermont disc golfers.

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a growing thread on the forum dedicated to receiving submissions for GMPS (Green Mountain Point Series) events (http://www.gmdgc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1687) . This post is a reminder that on March 1st, the call for GMPS event submissions ends and the Events Director will review the submissions and set the GMPS schedule for the year with the help of the board.

So, please submit an event for consideration if you have something in mind! Also, if you know a prospective TD that you think would like to hold a GMPS event this year and you don’t see a submission, let them know to get in touch with me (jspring@smuggs.com) or post on the forum!

The 2014 event season looks to be the biggest and busiest the Vermont has seen in a long time, maybe ever! Not only will the GMPS be rolling full steam ahead, but it looks like there will be many other events that focus on first time Vermont beginners to some of the best disc golfers in the world (VT Learn To Play DG Day, The Green Mountain Championship, a PDGA A-Tier Event at Brewster Ridge). March 1st may be the last day to submit a GMPS event, but there is no deadline for organizing community leagues and events outside of the point series for the 2014 season!

Here’s to a great year! The schedule should be posted during the first week in March.


Annual Meeting: Are you coming?

Yep. It is that time of year where we gather to talk over all the fun and exciting club details. Come join us Saturday, Feb. 15th at the Grange Hall in Waterbury Center.

We’ll be play a round at Center Chains at 3pm and the meeting will start at 5pm. Per usual we’ll entice you to come with some pizza for all in attendance.

I hope you can join us!

Can’t Make it?

Well, that’s a bummer. Don’t forget to check out the forum to put your two cents on activities coming for 2014.

2014 GMPS Call for Events – Yes, it takes volunteers to run the events. So want a tourney at your favorite course. I bet you do. http://www.gmdgc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1687

Are you a budding blogger? I know you all have opinions, and strong ones, about discgolf, GMPS, and this glorious sport. Well, put all those opinions (and pictures) to use and share your two cents. http://www.gmdgc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1686

Farewell to Communications

our-blog-needs-you1As you may notice the last item above for a call for bloggers. Yeah I’ve been doing most of that the past couple of years but as you may have noticed not as much this past year. Since I’m not really feeling the tournaments these days, or more accurately turning my summer weekends to hiking the High Peaks in the Adirondacks, going to tournaments isn’t in the cards for me. And as much fun as it is to make up whatever story I feel like for events I’m not at – what we really need are folks who are at the events (particularly tournaments).

We’d of course also love to see folks chiming in on other topics, like leagues, discgolf in general, predictions, tips or whatever dg related topic that makes your heart sing.

But fret not. I’m not going to completely disappear – I’ll still help get the posting built if folks aren’t on the tech savvy side, and will share postings/pics from the lovely ladies of VT DG and our monthly ladies round, post to GMDGC Facebook Page (p.s. have you liked us?)…

So it’s been fun but peace out.



Game Time: GMDGC Ice Bucket VIII

Yep. It is that time of year when the sun sets too early, courses are covered in snow (or ice), and the temperature takes a dive. Sounds like perfect reason to have a tourney, right? Well, this is for a great cause. In case you haven’t figured it out I’m talking about the Ice Bowl – which is an annual event, held in the winter, to raise money for a local food shelf.

We are one of some 250+ clubs around the country that gather in icy weather to give back to the local community. Last year, we raised just over ~$8,400 – being in the top 10 earners of all Ice Bowls. We are pushing forward on that tradition and aiming to raise $9,000. We’ll be splitting the proceeds with the Waterbury FoodShelf and Lamoille County Food Share.

How can you help? Well, I’m glad you asked.

First you can come Saturday January 25th. We’ll have three registration options; $20 for your basic registration; $50 for the Generous Golfer package, which gets you an entry fee, a set of handi heats and 36 mulligans; and $150 Endless Mulligan Package which gets you an entry fee, handi heats, endless mulligans and custom Ice Bucket bag tag.

Second ask your friends, family and colleagues to donate. We have this spiffy page dedicated just to that. First pick of prizes going to our Top Fundraiser! There is a space on our online donation form to write in the sponsored players name so make sure your friends and family fill in the name of who they are donating for. In 2011 the top fundraiser won a new Burton snowboard. So you should get on that. Need some inspiration? Well, don’t forget that email, facebook and all that jazz can help spread the word. Here’s an email that I sent around last year but feel free to use mine as inspiration.

Third you can donate prizes. That’s how the day works. We all play a round of singles and then round of high/low doubles. There will be three winners; overall winner, singles, doubles team. Then we go down the list and folks choose a prize from all those that are donated. Our Prez. Chris “Young Bucks” is leading the charge on getting all the prizes. If you can donate, let Chris know or post on on the forum thread here.

I’m sure you are just counting down the moments.

Remember to check back to the forum for updated information, prizes, etc.: http://www.gmdgc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1669

And register here: http://www.gmdgc.org/tournaments/ice-bucket-viii/

Note: The Endless Mulligan Package has one caveat –  you can only throw what you have in your bag. This is to help keep the speed of play and make sure we don’t play in the dark.